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Getting Started


Welcome to the RegScale platform powered by the DevSecOps engineers at RegScale! We are excited you found us and that you are ready to learn more about how RegScale can help solve your most difficult compliance challenges. This page contains a collection of information that will assist you on your RegScale journey. At the end of the day, our main goal is to:

Bring the Principles of DevOps to Compliance via our Regulatory Operations (RegOps) Movement

To help you do just that, we have broken our documentation down into the following general sections:

  • Installation & Configuration - everything you need to install and configure RegScale in any environment; from a stand-alone laptop to a Virtual Machine (VM), to a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Modules - learn more about how all of our compliance modules are integrated and work together to create enormous business value for our customers.
  • Features - learn how we have layered functionality on top of our core modules to improve your compliance productivity and workflow.
  • Best Practices - get started on the right path by learning from our decades of experience and the lessons learned we have shared from solving some of our customer's compliance challenges.
  • APIs - allow RegScale to serve as your digital compliance core. Connect your systems, scripts, and processes in real-time using our 1000+ Open APIs based on REST/Swagger.

RegScale is a modern cloud-native application that is built to scale using Docker containers. It is designed to be hosted in any environment and configuration is done securely at run-time by injecting environmental variables. The application can be downloaded and installed at any time from our Docker Hub Repository. It is secured with your keys, scales in real-time via configuration in Kubernetes, and can be deployed anywhere (laptop/desktop, on-premises, Kubernetes, or cloud (we currently support AWS, Azure, and Google)).