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Microsoft InTune

Microsoft InTune CLI

This CLI integrates Microsoft InTune service assets and issues into RegScale. It pulls assets from InTune and creates assets in RegScale under the module/id specified in the options. Also creates RegScale issues from InTune issues.


See Azure integration for initial application configuration.

Command Structure

regscale azure intune sync_intune --regscale_parent_id <id> --regscale_module <module> --create_issues <True|False>

Required Parameters

The sync_intune command accepts the following options:

--regscale_parent_id <id> - The RegScale organizer record Id where assets will be added.

--regscale_module <module> - The name of the RegScale module (e.g. securityplans, components, projects, supplychains) where assets will be added

--create_issues <True|False> - Flag as to whether or not to create RegScale issues from InTune issues.

Example Usage

Here's an example of how to use the sync_intune command:

regscale azure intune sync_intune --regscale_parent_id 53 --regscale_module "securityplans" --create_issues True

This command will create assets from InTune in Security Plan 53 and create issues for any issues in InTune.