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This page contains information to assist our customers with utilizing the Workbench feature in RegScale. It describes what it is, why you would use it, the benefits, and provides instructions on getting started.

What is it?

Building compliance artifacts usually requires multiple tasks assigned to multiple individuals. Don't you wish there was a single place you could go to start your day and know what you were responsible for? With RegScale, you can now:

  • Have a single view of all compliance items assigned to you requiring your attention
  • Visualize your activity in the system
  • ADMINISTRATORS ONLY: See what other people are working on

Why would you use it?

Workbenches are super useful for compliance professionals by bringing all compliance related activities an individual needs to work on in one single view. Records that require a users action are depicted by their associated modules in the system. Users can see:

  • What assessments, assets, data calls, exceptions, incidents, etc. that are assigned to them and their corrresponding due dates
  • Access said records and enter compliance information
  • Search for records that are assigned to you in your workbench

What are the benefits?

RegScale's Workbench feature provides a number of key capabilites that are useful in managing a robust compliance program, to include:

  • A single pane of glass for compliance professionals to start their day
  • ADMINISTRATORS ONLY: See what someone else is working on to see where records are "stuck" and need attention

How do I use it?

The Workbench feature is very simple to use. Simply click My Workbench in the top Navigator to see:

  • All Items requiring your attention
  • Visualize your activity in the system
  • ADMINISTRATORS ONLY: Impersonate another user to see what they are working on