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News Feed

News Feed Feature

This page contains information to assist our customers with utilizing the News Feed feature in RegScale. It describes what it is, why you would use it, the benefits, and provides instructions on getting started.

What is it?

The News Feed brings capabilities similar to social media platforms to RegScale. It provides a streaming set of compliance events to the News Feed such as new records or changes in status. Instead of running reports or searching for information, curated and relevant information is streamed in real-time to the News Feed for monitoring.

Why would you use it?

There are many reasons to use this feature which include:

  • Real-time tracking of compliance data
  • Simplifies access to information
  • Quickly sort and filter temporal compliance data; meaning it streams and prioritizes the most recent data
  • Integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack for real-time compliance collaboration (NOTE: This feature is only available for Enterprise Edition customers)

What are the benefits?

This feature has multiple benefits for an organization; to include:

  • Quicker access to relevant information
  • Time savings from not having to manually search for data
  • Leverages the collaboration tools already in use for most enterprises to eliminate the learning curve

How do I use it?

Instructions for using this feature are provided below:

  • Select the "News Feed" in the main menu
  • View recent compliance activity in the News Feed
  • Add comments and collaborate using the @mention feature
  • Use "Show Filters" to limit the data displayed
  • Use "Visualize" to see compliance activity over time