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RegML Extractor

RegML Extractor takes extracts information from PDFs, such as IT policies or employee handbooks, to write first-draft control implementations for a Security Plan.

  1. Click Modules in top navigation bar.
  2. Select the Security Plan module from the menu.
  3. Select a Security Plan record.
  4. Click the purple wand icon to the right of the Security Plan heading.
  5. Select Extract Into This Security Plan.
  6. Click Choose Files.
  7. Select a valid PDF.
  8. Extracted Statements will appear as they become available.
  9. View the following in the Extracted items section:
    1. Control Name: Provides name of control that extracted statement applies to.
    2. Control Description: Provides description of the control.
    3. Extracted Statement: Implementation statement written from the uploaded PDF.
  10. Select Extracted Items:
    1. Select All to use all Extracted Statements or select the checkbox to select individual extracted statements.
    2. Click Commit Extracted Items to apply the changes to the Security Plan’s control implementation statements.
    3. Select the trash icon to the right of the extracted statement to remove.

Note: The loading bar at the top of the window indicates extraction progress.