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Evidence Management

Evidence Management Feature

This page contains information to assist our customers with utilizing the Evidence Management feature in RegScale. It describes what it is, why you would use it, the benefits, and provides instructions on getting started.

What is it?

The Evidence Management feature is used to upload supporting documentation and evidence for an compliance record in RegScale. This feature is a core subsystem that is available for all RegScale modules. It provides a secure evidence locker to attach files to compliance records to provide a robust audit trail.

Why would you use it?

There are many reasons to use this feature which include:

  • Attaching evidence of compliance for future audits
  • Attaching supporting documentation that was created in common business document formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images (JPF/PNG))

What are the benefits?

This feature has multiple benefits for an organization; to include:

  • Supports simultaneous upload of multiple files at a time
  • Security with AES-256 encryption at rest and MD5 hashing to ensure file integrity
  • Readily available for future audits without searching external systems, file shares, etc.

How do I use it?

Instructions for using this feature are provided below:

  • Navigate to any form record in RegScale
  • Scroll to the bottom to the Subsystems area
  • Click the "Files" tab to open the Evidence Manager
  • If any files have been previously uploaded, you will see a green badge on the Files tab showing the number of files currently uploaded
  • To add new files, there are two options:
    • Open your file explorer and drag and drop files onto the drop zone
    • Click the "Browse Files" button to upload manually. You can hold down CTRL to select multiple files at once for upload.
  • Once the files are uploaded, you will see progress bars indicating the status of each file upload.
  • If the bar finishes and is green, it was uploaded successfully.
  • If the bar is red, there was a problem with the upload or you tried to upload a prohibited file type. (NOTE: The RegScale administrator in your organization must whitelist the types of files allowed for upload.)
  • The grid below should now be updated with the list of files uploaded.
  • Click the green download button to download the file.
  • Click the red delete button to remove the file.
  • Click the "MD5" badge next to the file name to view the MD5 hash to verify that the file has not been altered.
  • The grid contains pertinent metadata for the files such as file name, file size, who uploaded it, date of upload.