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Prisma CLI integration

This CLI is able to sync asset, scans and vulnerabilities from a folder containing Prisma files.

  • prisma - Import a folder of Prisma files and sync assets, vulnerabilities and scans to RegScale.

Prisma Processing Workflow

The CLI will process each Prisma file and load assets, vulnerabilities and scans to RegScale.

  • import_prisma Import Prisma scans and assets to RegScale
Required parameters
  • regscale_ssp_id The ID number from RegScale of the System Security Plan, required.

  • folder_path The full folder path where the Prisma files are located.

Additional Information:

The CLI provides detailed logging throughout the process to indicate progress and to provide troubleshooting in case of issues.


Prisma and Nexpose files have the exact same file format and header information, so the CLI will not be able to discern differences. Please separate these file formats within your pipeline.

Below are the expected columns of a Prisma file:

  • Registry
  • Repository
  • Tag
  • Id
  • Distro
  • Hostname
  • Layer
  • CVE ID
  • Vulnerability ID
  • Type
  • Severity
  • Packages
  • Source Package
  • Package Version
  • Package License
  • CVSS
  • Fix Status
  • Risk Factors
  • Vulnerability Tags
  • Description
  • Cause
  • Custom Labels
  • Published
  • Namespace
  • Image ID
  • Vulnerability Link
  • Package Path

Example Commands

Import Prisma scans to SSP #16 in RegScale using the files located in the prisma_scans folder.

  • regscale prisma import_prisma --regscale_ssp_id 16 --folder_path /home/bryan/Sync/prisma_scans