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RegScale Init CLI

The Init CLI command initializes the CLI environment by generating a default init.yaml file and prompting you to set the domain and authenticate to your RegScale instance.

The command will also display the RegScale logo, CLI version and other information about the CLI.

Example Commands

Initialize your CLI environment RegScale and be prompted for your RegScale domain and login credentials or pass configuration information via optional parameters.

  • regscale init

Optionally enter the parameters below with your information

  • regscale init
    • --domain RegScale domain URL to skip domain prompt.
    • --username RegScale User Name to skip login prompt.
    • --password RegScale password to skip login prompt.
    • --mfa_token One Time Password to login into RegScale, if your instance of RegScale has Multi-Factor Authentication enabled.
    • --skip-prompts Skip domain and login prompts.

How to Use

  • Initialize your CLI environment with the command below:

    regscale init

    The CLI will generate a default init.yaml file and prompt you for RegScale domain and to log in:

    Initializing your RegScale CLI environment...
    Would you like to change your RegScale domain from https://regscale.yourcompany.com/? (Y/n): y
    Please enter your RegScale domain.
    Example: https://mydomain.regscale.com/
    Domain: https://regscale.mycomapny.com
    [2023/01/20 04:32;41] INFO     [2023/01/20 04:32;41] [INFO ]  Valid URL provided, regscale.py:349
                                   init.yaml has been updated.                                       
    Would you like to log in to your RegScale instance? (Y/n): y
    Please enter your username: rross
    Please enter your password:
  • Initialize your CLI environment and pass parameters inline:

    regscale init --domain https://regscale.mycompany.com --username rross --password <yourpassword>
  • Initialize your CLI environment and skip prompts with the --skip-prompts flag:

    regscale init --skip-prompts