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Data Calls

Data Calls Module

This page contains information to assist our customers with utilizing the Data Calls module in RegScale. It describes what it is, why you would use it, the benefits, and provides instructions on getting started.

What is it?

A data call is the process of requesting specific information in support of a compliance assessment or other related compliance matter. Common synonyms for data calls might include:

  • Request for Information
  • Discovery
  • Pre-Read Information
  • Evidence Collection

Why would you use it?

Data calls are commonly used to collect documentation and evidence in advance of assessment activities. Effective data calls ensure that auditors have sufficient information for pre-reads and audit preparation prior to commencing formal field work and verification activities. There are many reasons to perform data calls which include:

  • Tracking the status of evidence collection before an audit commences
  • Collecting documentation to help build an assessment plan
  • Maintaining an audit history of who provided the files to which interested parties
  • Ensuring that dates are tracked for delivery of required documentation
  • Managing recurring data calls from regulators and external parties

What are the benefits?

A strong data call program results in multiple benefits for an organization; to include:

  • Improved accountability for providing timely responses
  • Ability to track what was provided to who and when
  • Improved evidence storage and security
  • Ability to develop better assessment plans based on knowledge gained from data calls
  • Never lose track of routine deliverables by scheduling recurring data calls
  • Improved transparency through automated dashboards

How do I use it?

The data call module in RegScale Community Edition (CE) provides a number of key features that are useful in managing a robust program, to include:

  • Scheduling data calls (when they are due, responsible person, date requested, site/facility, etc.)
  • Tracking progress against due dates (% complete, % delivered on-time, etc.)
  • Tracking related tasks and evidence
  • Scheduling recurring data calls (should happen every week, month, quarter, etc.)
  • Real-time tracking and dashboards
  • Automation via our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) - scripting evidence collection and documentation gathering
  • Single pane of glass assignment tracking via our work bench
  • Automated workflows for review and approval
  • Interactive timeline builder
  • Social collaboration via our News Feed (LinkedIn for Compliance) and real-time commenting system
  • Secure evidence management with our file upload and encryption system
  • Audit history including every view, update, print, email, etc.
  • Calendar view to see data calls scheduled within any given period

For our Enterprise Edition (EE) customers, you get all the great features above, plus we add:

  • Ability to create custom fields to extend the schema and build out customer specific data entry forms
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack for real-time collaboration
  • Ability to host a multi-tenant version to segregate data by site, customer, organization, etc. to run many different data call programs with complete data isolation from a single installation
  • Real-time interactive dashboard with Microsoft PowerBI AddOn