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AI (RegML)


At time of writing, RegML features are only available in RegScale SaaS tenants.

To enable AI/ML features in the RegScale platform, you must:

  1. Contact your Customer Service Representative to request RegML / AI Features are enabled for your instance
  2. Enable RegML in the Regscale Settings

Step 1. Submit AI Request to Customer Service

  1. Contact your customer service representative, and let them know you're interested in enabling AI/ML in your Regscale tenant. Don't know who your representative is? Contact [email protected].

Step 2. Enable RegML in the Regscale Settings

  1. Navigate to RegScale Configuration (from the profile menu, click Setup).
  2. Click Modules and Features section in the sidebar.
  3. Under Enable/Disable RegScale Features, check RegML.
  4. (Optional) Once RegML is enabled, you can click the corresponding checkboxes to enable different RegML features such as the RegML Explainer.

Enabling RegML is demonstrated via the following gif:

Animaged image of steps to enable AI/ML RegML feature

Enabling and using RegML