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Post-Deployment Steps

Once the application is installed and configured, the following post-deployment steps should be taken:

  1. Login with the RegScale admin account (break glass account for global admin)
  • Username: admin
  • Password: 51mpl3Compliance$ (NOTE: Copy and paste this password to be precise as numbers and letters can be easily confused)
  1. Change default password to a secure password (NOTE: Please put the password in a safe place as it cannot be retrieved if lost.)
  2. Set your domain name (link to the instance) and license. The Community Edition license is automatically generated. If you are an Enterprise Edition user, send the RegScale Instance ID to your RegScale point of contact and they will supply you a license key to update you to Enterprise Edition.
  3. Create the first "Tenant" (NOTE: RegScale supports multi-tenant deployments, but even if not using this feature all customers must create an initial "tenant")
  4. Create initial users and setup the first Administrator user. IMPORTANT - the admin account should only be used for initial setup and to create new tenants. For all other actions, a regular Administrator account should be used.
  5. Load Catalogs