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RegML Author

RegML Author provides first-draft control implementation statements, a list of extracted implementation facts, suggests improvements, and identifies possible compliance issues.

  1. Click Modules in top navigation bar.
  2. Select the Security Plan module from the menu.
  3. Select a Security Plan record.
  4. Select the Controls tab.
  5. Select a Control Implementation record from the Controls grid.
  6. Click the purple wand icon to the right of the form ID.
  7. View the following in the Author window:
    1. Extracted Facts From Original Statement: Provides a bulleted list of important details from the control implementation.
    2. Possible Compliance Issues: Identifies potential gaps between the control guidance and the current control implementation.
    3. Suggested Improvements: Provides recommendations for closing implementation gaps or improving clarity.
    4. New Statement: A first-draft control implementation based on the control guidance and other relevant information.
  8. Scroll to bottom of Author window.
  9. Select Use This Statement to populate the suggest implementation statement for the Control Implementation.

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