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FedRAMP Inventory Export (.xlsx)

FedRAMP Inventory Export Feature

This page contains information to assist our customers with utilizing the FedRAMP Inventory Excel Export feature in RegScale. It describes what it is, why you would use it, the benefits, and provides instructions on getting started.

What is it?

The FedRAMP Inventory Export feature is a useful way of extracting data from a Security Plan in RegScale to perform external analysis using Microsoft Excel or to upload the data into FedRAMP.

Why would you use it?

There are many reasons to use this feature which include:

  • Exporting data for external sharing
  • Custom graphing and visualization in Excel
  • Data analysis and transformation in Excel
  • Uploading information into FedRAMP

What are the benefits?

This feature has multiple benefits for an organization; to include:

  • Allows migrating data from RegScale into FedRAMP
  • Avoids locking you into our system for data analysis
  • Leverages commonly used skill sets found in most businesses
  • Allows for easy custom reporting and analysis

How do I use it?


The Security Plan has to have assets assigned to it in order for the export button to display in the FedRAMP Rev5 section.

Instructions for using this feature are provided below:

  • In the RegScale main menu, select Modules
  • Select Security Plans from the drop down list
  • Conduct any searching/filtering of the results to select the Security Plan of interest
  • Click on the View button to open the Security Plan
  • At the top of the page, click the export button:
    Export Button
  • Clicking the button will create a pop up of the available export options
  • Click export button labeled FedRAMP Inventory Export (.xlsx)
  • Open the Excel file to conduct any relevant data analysis or visualization

NOTE: The Excel download is a raw pull of the assets associated with the Security Plan. The data contains limited transforms and will highlight any fields that should be populated along with comments on how to populate them in RegScale.



These mappings are for the inventory worksheet. The worksheet is populated via the mappings below.


ColumnColumn HeaderRegScale Mapping
AUnique Asset IdentifierAsset.Name
BIPv4 or IPv6Asset.IPAddress or Asset.IPv6Address
EDNS Name or URLAsset.FQDN
FNetBIOS NameAsset.NetBIOS
GMAC AddressAsset.MACAddress
HAuthenticated ScanAsset.bAuthenticatedScane
IBaseline Configuration NameAsset.BaselineConfiguration
JOS Name and VersionAsset.OperatingSystem & Asset.OSVersion
LAsset TypeAsset.AssetType
MHardware Make/ModelAsset.Manufacturer & Asset.Model
NIn Latest ScanAsset.bLatestScan
OSoftware/Database VendorAsset.SoftwareVendor
PSoftware/Database Name & VersionAsset.SoftwareName & Asset.SoftwareVersion
QPatch LevelAsset.PatchLevel
RDiagram LevelAsset.DiagramLevel
TSerial #/Asset #Asset.SerialNumber + Asset.AssetTagNumber
UVLAN/Network IDAsset.VLANId
VSystem Administrator/OwnerAsset.SystemAdministrator First Name & Last Name
WApplication Administrator/OwnerAsset.AssetOwner First Name & Last Name
XFunctionAsset.Purpose for Hardware AssetCategory Asset.SoftwareFunction for Software AssetCategory