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Identity and Access Management

Introduction to identity and access management in RegScale

User Management and Roles

RegScale provides robust features for managing users, their groups, and their roles. In aggregate, these features provide our customers with multiple options to optimize user management based on their unique customer requirements. A view of user and role management features is shown below:

User Management Concepts

There are multiple concepts for user management within RegScale that are important to understand prior to configuring the system. These concepts include:

  • AD/LDAP - the ability to sign in using existing customer AD/LDAP authentication which is external to RegScale (NOTE: This is an Enterprise feature and not available in the Community Edition). See the AD/LDAP documentation for more information.
  • Users - the ability to provision users (whether internally or externally authenticated), activate/deactivate accounts, edit metadata, and reset passwords
  • Groups - the ability to organize users into logical groups to facilitate workflows, email distributions, or access control
  • Roles - the ability to apply preset roles to users that limit that access within RegScale based on least privilege