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Role Based Access Control

RegScale provides a number of preset roles that provide limited access to certain functionality within the system. Roles should be applied to each user to ensure least privilege access to only the role(s) necessary to perform their job functions. These roles are shown below:

Role NameAccess TypeModule Access
AdministratorCreate, Read, Update, DeleteFull access to all modules, Setup for their tenant, Catalogues Management
AssessmentUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteAssessment Module, Questionnaire Module
AssetUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteAsset Module
DataCallUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteData Call Module
ExceptionUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteException Module
GeneralUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteAll Modules, no access to setup or Admin functions
GlobalAdminCreate, Read, Update, DeleteTenant Configuration
IncidentUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteIncident Module
InterconnectUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteInterconnect Module
IssueScreenerCreate, Read, Update, DeleteIssue Screening Tab in the Issues Module
IssueUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteIssue Module, Causal Analysis Module
MaintainerCreate, Read, Update, DeleteCatalogs, Security Controls, and Importer Tools
ManagerCreate, Read, Update, DeleteSame as general user + ability to impersonate users on the workbench
PolicyUserCreate, Read, Update, DeletePolicy Module
ProjectUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteProject Module
ReadOnlyReadAll Modules
RiskUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteRisk Module
SecurityPlanUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteSecurity Plan Module, Security Profiles, Control Implementations
SupplyChainUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteSupply Chain Module
ThreatUserCreate, Read, Update, DeleteThreat Module

Assign Roles

To set a role, navigate to Setup, Identity and Access Management, then click the roles button the the far right. The steps to set a role are as follows:

  1. Pick the appropriate role from the drop down list
  2. Select the user you want to assign to the role
  3. Click the blue "Add User to Role" button
  4. Green alert should notify you that the user was added successfully
  5. If the user is currently logged in, they will need to log out and back in to reset their permissions and have the new roles applied