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RegScale provides support for integrating with customer email systems using SMTP. Email configuration is required to facilitate user registration workflows and for alerts throughout the system. Prior to setting up any Identity and Access Management, we strongly recommend configuring email first.


In order to configure email, you must be an Administrator. To get started, click your name in the top right corner and select "Setup". Click the "Email" tab on the right side of the screen. Clicking the button should bring up the email form where you should complete the following fields:

  1. Your RegScale URL - enter the base URL or IP where RegScale is hosted (i.e., https://RegScale.yourcompanyname.com). NOTE: If you have multiple instances installed or a separate DEV environment, then each Domain should be unique (i.e., https://RegScale-dev.yourcompanyname.com)
  2. SMTP Reply Email Address - the "No Reply" email address you would like to use for system generated emails
  3. SMTP Email Address - the SMTP account you will use to authenticate to your email server
  4. SMTP Email Password - the SMTP account password you will use to authenticate to your email server
  5. RegScale Administrator Email Address - the email address where alerts should be sent to the RegScale system administrator
  6. Email SMTP Port - port where the SMTP server is listening (usually 587)
  7. SMTP Server - URL for the customer's SMTP server. If using Office 365, it is smtp.office365.com

Once configuration is done, click the "Save" button to complete the email configuration process.

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

New to version 4.3.0 and later, RegScale now supports Amazon SES for sending email from RegScale. The config generally works as described above, with the following differences:

  • For the reply email, ensure you are using a domain that has a verified identity in AWS SES (NOTE: this step requires verifying the DNS with some CNAME values per the AWS instructions)
  • Setup AWS SMTP Credentials
  • Ensure you use the option for STARTTLS using port 587 (SSL box must be checked in RegScale)
  • The SMTP Email address will be the SES identity and not a normal email address

Once configured, click "Email Test" to ensure AWS SES has been configured and is working correctly.

Testing Email

On the email form, click the "Email Test" button to attempt to send an email. If successful, you will get a green alert noting that the email was successfully sent. If any errors occur, a red alert box will show providing additional details on the error(s). (NOTE: The email test will be sent to the system administrator email provided above. If the test was successful but you don't see the email, please check your spam filters and Junk folder to make sure it was not filtered/blocked)

Legacy Email Configuration (No TLS)

Some older email clients and legacy environments do not support the secure TLS option that is enabled by default in RegScale. To manually disable TLS, set the "EMAIL_NO_TLS" environment variables to "true".