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Dashboards Feature

This page contains information to assist our customers with utilizing the Dashboard feature in RegScale. It describes what it is, why you would use it, the benefits, and provides instructions on getting started.

What is it?

The dashboard provides a way to query and visualize data throughout RegScale into intuitive charts and graphs.

Why would you use it?

There are many reasons to use this feature which include:

  • Visualizing the composition of a given data set in RegScale
  • Viewing activities and trends over time
  • Tracking upcoming due dates and deliverables

What are the benefits?

This feature has multiple benefits for an organization; to include:

  • Improved accountability for meeting due dates on deliverables
  • Ability to pro-actively identify trend and data anomolies
  • Ability to drill into data for deeper analysis

How do I use it?

There are two primary methods for viewing dashboards in RegScale:

  • Navigate to the "Home" page to view standard dashboards
  • Navigate to any Module list (Modules -> Select Module Name) and click the "Chart View" button above the list

Instructions for using this feature are provided below:

  • Main Dashboard (Home Page)
    • Based on the modules enabled in your RegScale tenant, you will see a drop down list allowing you to select which module to view the dashboard
    • You can also specify a date range for the data you would like to view
    • Click the green refresh button to apply any updates to your filters
    • Dashboards will show pertinent information for the given modules and filters
    • Each dashboard is designed to display information that is relevant to that specific module
    • If the module contains temporal data around items like due dates, you will also see a look ahead for overdue items and items coming due
  • Module Dashboard (List View)
    • The list view pages allow you to search and filter to a relevant data set you would like to analyze
    • Once you have the set identified, click the "Chart View" button (NOTE: Gray button with the pie chart icon) above the list to visualize the data
    • You will now see a list of dashboards that are pivot tables showing a visualization of the underlying data set
    • You can continue to refine your searching/filtering and the visualizations will update accordingly

NOTE: See the Advanced Reporting documentation for options to visualize RegScale data outside the system using advanced analytics packages.

NOTE: The list view also contains an "Export to Excel" button to download the records in Excel for visualization outside the system. See the Excel Export documentation for additional details.