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Ports and Protocols

RegScale is an "N-Tier" application that consists of multiple components:

  • Front-End (Angular Single Page Application (SPA))
  • Middle Tier (C# APIs)
  • Backend Database (Microsoft SQL Server)

In order for the application to communicate amongst the tiers, various ports and protocols must be open.

443HTTPSAllows for encrypted traffic from the user's web browser to the Angular front end of the application
1433TCP/IPAllows for secure communication between C# APIs and the SQL Server Database
389LDAPUsed for syncing directories and allowing login via AD/LDAP (optional feature)
587SMTPUsed for sending email outbound from RegScale to a customer email server

Pulling Containers

Updates to RegScale are typically published as containers which are hosted on Docker Hub. NOTE: This excludes the ISO appliance and IIS deployments which are not in containers.

In order to install or update the container, the hosting infrastructure for RegScale must be able to reach Docker Hub. If outbound internet is blocked, you will need to white list the following DNS entries:

  • hub.docker.com
  • index.docker.io
  • production.cloudflare.docker.com
  • registry-1.docker.io

NOTE: It is not recommended to whitelist specific IPs as Docker Hub is hosted behind a CDN and the IPs are not static and subject to change.