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Custom Fields

For enterprise customers, we offer the ability to generate custom fields which extends the base schema of RegScale to meet unique customer business requirements. This feature allows our customers to create custom forms within the RegScale platform using a variety of different input types.

Creating Custom Fields

Follow the steps below to create a custom field (NOTE: You must be an administrator to create custom fields):

  1. Click your name in the top right
  2. Select "Setup"
  3. Click "Custom Fields" on the left navigation
  4. Select the module that you wish to add a custom field
  5. Click the "Add a New Custom Field" button
  6. Provide a name/label for the custom field
  7. Indicate whether the field is required to save a record
  8. Select the type of custom field (see later section for options)
  9. Click the "Create Custom Field" button to create the field
  10. Repeat these steps until you have all of the custom fields desired for this form

Managing Custom Fields

Once you have created custom fields, just select the module on the Custom Fields Manager to view the custom fields. There are several options for managing the custom fields:

  1. View - select the module to view the list of custom fields. The bottom of the table will show the total number of custom fields created.
  2. Required - click the "Required" column to toggle on/off whether the custom field is required
  3. Enabled - click the "Enabled" button to toggle on/off whether the custom field is enabled for the module. If it is not enabled, it will not show up for any new records. However, records with the disabled field will persist to ensure no data is lost.

Custom Field Types

RegScale supports multiple types of custom fields to include:

  1. Text - collects data as a text string
  2. Numeric - collects number data (will not allow text entry or non-numeric)
  3. Date - collects date data
  4. Dropdown - allows the customer to specify multiple values that can be selected from a pull down